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Beyond Expectations

Read real-life experiences from our satisfied clients.

Wellness Testimonials From Bridgehampton, NY

At Wellspring Health, we work hard to transform the lives of our wellness clients, providing healing therapies for the mind, body, and soul. From holistic treatment options to cosmetic-based services, we’re the integrative medicine practice Hampton’s residents rely on to restore balance to their daily lives. But when it comes down to it, your feedback matters most.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support from our community. Your testimonials, sharing how you feel after you leave Wellspring Health, are the foundation of our success. With your help, our commitment to delivering exceptional care and transformative experiences only continues to grow.

Feedback on Our Integrative Holistic Health Treatments

Take a look at what clients are saying about our service throughout the Hamptons. Contact us online or call us at (631) 995-3274 to schedule an appointment.

Rating: 5

Ken H.

Kind, professional and committed caregiver. Helped me tremendously with my pain management. I can’t recommend her enough.

Rating: 5

Jenn S.

Dori rejuvenates your mind, body and soul. For me it’s not just the acupuncture, it’s also the kindness, caring and nurturing that she gives me.

Rating: 5

Neil F.

I recommend Dr dori to everyone. She has helped me with my headaches / sinus problems and issues I had with my spleen .
When I leave her office I always feel 100 times better.

Rating: 5

Thomas S.

Might just be my best hour of the week. Everything just seems to melt away and I leave feeling like a new person. I wasn’t sure if acupuncture was for me, but Dori made me feel at ease and explained the process thoroughly. I was happy I made the choice. Thanks Dr. Dori!

Rating: 5

Wendy T.

I can’t imagine my life without the love and care from Dori. I have been seeing her for many years now! Words can not describe what the has done for my health and well being. There is a new day of the week for me: Dori Day! I truly look forward to each and every visit!! If you haven’t experienced it yet you’re missing out!

Rating: 5

Linda C.

Dr. Dori is not only an empathetic and skilled acupuncturist. Her space is inviting and welcoming. Her ability to figure out your point needs in service is incredible. See her. You will get help.

Rating: 5

Shakira F.

Dori Fortunatio is fantastic. The acupuncture treatments are hands down the best ever. She is gentle and kind and easy to talk with she really takes her time and listens to you. I would highly recommend Dori Fortunato!!!

Rating: 5

Paula B.

I have had the pleasure of working with Dori on a clinical as well as professional level. Her expertise in her field combined with her compassion and commitment to her patients ranks her the highest of grades and compliments is a pleasure to be surrounded by her personal warmth.

Rating: 5

Karin K.

Every time I am in the Hamptons I always visit Dori for treatment. She is very caring, her treatments have always been affective and she has a healing and smoothing energy. She takes the time to listen to my concerns and provide the appropriate treatment.

Rating: 5

Ben T.

Dori provides me with wonderful pain relief from chronic back problems unlike any other treatment I have ever experienced. I have been a patient for several years and enjoy an active lifestyle despite my physical setbacks. I highly recommend her care.

Rating: 5

Kat M.

Professional, attentive, compassionate and caring. So many of my friends and family members have been helped by Dori throughout the years. She has treated us for everything from acute vertigo, sciatic nerve pain, grief, anxiety and overall well-being. She is wonderful with children and the elderly, and everyone in between. Her office is modern and comfortable and impeccably clean!!!

Rating: 5

Patricia L.

I’ve been fortunate to be under the care of Dr Dori for many years now. My experience has always been positive.
She’s taught me the importance of acupuncture as a preventative measure that helps ensure my health as I get older. Having recently had Lymes disease , I found that the only treatment that complimented the antibiotics was regular acupuncture treatments.

Rating: 5

Beth G.

Dori is extremely knowledgeable and professional. She goes above and beyond to ensure you receive the care you need. Her office is spectacular! The environment is clean, welcoming and relaxing. Dori has given my family emotional and medical support that has improved our quality if life.

Rating: 5

Christie T.

After a year + of weekly treatments in the Wellspring Health Hampton Bay’s location, I still look forward to my one hour of serenity and healing with the amazing Dr. Dori. The space is tranquil with gorgeous decor from the moment you walk into the waiting room. Dr. Dori’s care for her clients shows with the utmost professionalism and overall excellence to the holistic approach. In addition, the Wellspring products are fantastic! Face serum and teas are a MUST try!

Rating: 5

Cody S.

I absolutely adore Dr Dori Fortunato. She is kind, compassionate, welcoming and her treatments are wonderful. I am excited for every appointment and always feel so much better leaving than I did coming in. Her products are also wonderful, beautifully packaged and streamlined. I never walk away feeling overwhelmed with things to do or take. I am so happy to have found Dr Fortunato and the PRISTINELY CLEAN and comfortable Bridgehampton location. I look forward to seeing her for treatment for years to come.
– Cody Maher of Agency Wellness.

Rating: 5

Sowania G.

Dori is phenomenal acupuncturist… Her wisdom goes beyond her years. She treats her patients holistically. When I was pregnant pre pandemic she was able to perform acupuncture which alleviated by symptoms of sciatica. Additionally, her new office space in Hampton bays is a slice of Heaven hidden in Hampton bays. You will not regret it.

Rating: 5

Denise G.

Dr Dori has the gift! I have had a lot of experience with functional medicine doctors and acupuncturists and Dori truly understands what the body needs. Dori exudes the compassion and love for her gift. She always can tell when I am in need of nourishment and in her unique way can calm me down instantaneously. I truly am indebted to her for helping me keep myself in good health and love her compassion for me and all others she cares for.

Rating: 5

Katherine S.

I’ve been going to see Dori for over a year now. Going to see her and receive treatment is truly one of the best parts of my week. She is so compassionate, caring, & so easy to talk with. She goes above & beyond to make sure you are comfortable. The energy is amazing as soon as you step foot into her place. Each treatment is catered to a specific need or just over all well-being. Whether it’s anxiety, period cramping, cold, pain (wherever in the body it may be), I always leave feeling better. She truly is a kind and beautiful person. Going to see her for acupuncture has changed my energy and well-being. I honestly wouldn’t go anywhere else…

Highly recommend over and over again. Thank you Dori!

Rating: 5

Lisa D.

I have been under the care of Dr. Dori for well over a year. She was referred to me by one of my Doctors. Dori has been one of the best referrals in my life. She is an amazing acupuncturist, in addition to being compassionate, an attentive listener, and a true healer. I am so grateful to be treated by Dr.Dori. She has made a significant difference in my life.

Rating: 5

Heidi W.

Dori has made a tremendous difference in my family’s lives. Not only has she helped my back pain that medicine couldn’t even touch, but she has helped my son focus on his work at school like never before. Even my skeptical husband sees Dori now and can’t wait to go back every time. Her friendly, welcoming demeanor and clean and peaceful space just make her services that much better! I couldn’t recommend her more!

Rating: 5

Samantha H.

I started work with Dori this past summer. She truly is a gift. After a session with her, I’m floating in a space of calm. Dori is attentive, caring and provides her own special blend of intuitive healing, acupuncture, and care. So if you’re looking for acupuncture or massage therapy in the Hamptons, there is no one else to see, contact her and thank me later.

Rating: 5

Christopher M.

Dori’s Acupuncture has greatly reduced my bodies reaction to the environmental allergies that I have suffered from for many years. She also trouble shoots other problems and helps resolve those. She has also helped with chronic neck pain and or aches from sports injuries and ailments.

Rating: 5

Dayna D.

Acupuncture has changed my life! Dori is an exceptional acupuncturist and true healer. Her amazing listening skills, calming presence, and wealth of knowledge has been so beneficial for me. The healing starts when Dori enters the room. She is totally focused on you, carefully listens to your story and is fully engaged in the healing. Dori has helped my mind, body, and soul heal with amazing results. Dori has been a blessing to me.

Rating: 5


Having recently been diagnosed with arthritis, I decided to seek every alternative therapy rather than opt for prescription drugs. Dr Dori recommended a foot soak which I now use faithfully and have noticed an immediate relief from even on the dampest days. Relief was one foot soak away!!! Thank you Dr Dori and your excellent team for always providing the utmost in healing environment for me to achieve my health goals.

Rating: 5

Leeza P.

I came to see Dr Dori for a pulled tendon in my ankle and we ended up working on many things, hormones, balancing my adrenals and stress levels and many more. Dr Dori is a true healer, kind, caring and really knows her stuff. Loved my weekly visits and still come for maintenance whenever I am in town, its my first stop! Highly recommend and wish we had more real gems and healers like Dr Dori.

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